Nora Vai

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Month: June, 2014

Lost in a Hong Kong

Image Image Image Image Image Once in Hong Kong Alicia, Lingzi and myself decided to sell clothes online. It was our first shoot. And the last. I fell in love with New York, Lingzi fell in love with a boy and Alicia (who was already in love) decided to design shoes. Here’s what we got left out of the project. All photos by my dearest friend Lingzi Zhang.

One tone

  Image Image photo 2 IMG_7369 I love wearing one color tone outfits. There’s something so powerful about it. Or maybe I’m just lazy and it’s the easiness that attracts me.

One day

ImageImageImageImageImage Was shooting in this beautiful house, that was being renovated, in Holland Park today. Couldn’t imagine living in one now, but lots of wardrobe space sounds very attractive! One day, when the gipsy life is over.


Image Image Image Image Image From a shoot with Rankin for Andrew Gallimore’s make up book and various places in London.