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Shoe designer for a day

L1300424L1300414L1300457L1300394L1300383To be very honest, I was never a big sneakers girl. But now I realized I just haven’t found the right ones. Few months ago I was asked to be an ambassador for My Swear shoes and got a chance to design 2 pairs of sneakers. Was a bit worried at first, as I definitely don’t have a big knowledge in shoe design. But all it took was 20min sitting in a coffee shop with my laptop. I chose the style, material and color for different shoe parts and decided on little details, such as laces etc. Received them in few weeks and they even have my initials on. Big thank you, My Swear! xx


Pictures by Egor Tsodov.











One more little story we did with friend Karim Tabar, my favorite jumpsuits and the afternoon sun. Didn’t go far location scouting again, all shot in few streets in Nolita. Lazy summer in NYC.

Photos by Karim Tabar

Bubble Maker

Nora Film-29

Nora Film-30

Nora Film-25

Nora Film-20

Nora Film-33

Nora Digitals-6

I always find something magical about bubbles. Couldn’t be more simple, but so dreamlike and surreal. All possible colors in one see-through weightless circle. So I got one bubble maker in Chinatown and brought it to the shoot as the most important accessory. Which apparently not only makes bubbles, but music too. Real party was happening in a secret little garden in East Village.

Thank you, Zhi Wei for the pictures.

Another flower party

 untitled-217untitled-16untitled-50untitled-3untitled-183A bit delayed pictures from a day with my photographer friend Julien Boudet, who never wears color. Thank you, Julien! xx