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Black flowers

I know it’s not very cool to post published editorials of myself. But I’ll make an exception to this one, as I love it so much. I feel that it’s very me, even though I don’t look it. Love how dreamy and sensual it is. Makes me very excited about those spring evenings in New York.

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Snapchat story #Noravai

At Amica magazine by Jason Hetherington

Styling Ye Yong Kim

Make up Devra Kinery

Hair Conrad Dornan

My Inspiration Girl

My favorite looks from the shows. Don’t know why, but even in fall winter season I’m drawn to light and color palette. Yes, black is very refined and so easy, it is hard to get it wrong. But there’s something so attractive about taking risks and not being afraid to get it wrong.












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I have a great friend Lingzi Zhang, who never owned a basic t-shirt. She said ‘What’s the point, if you can get it from any of your boyfriends’. She came to visit me in Milan once and we went to Sonar in Barcelona together. She showed up in yellow jumpsuit and heels straight from the airport. All the stuff in her suitcase was either color or print. We lived in Hong Kong together, went out every night and loved dressing up. But not like me, she never though too much about creating an outfit and didn’t take long to leave home. She doesn’t care what others think of her, but yet I think she’s the most stylish girl I know. I always picture her before buying those crazy ‘very unsafe’ shoes.

Miss you, Lingzi and can’t wait for you to visit me in New York! xx

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A day in shirts


Photos by Jacob Sadrak and Carrol Cruz

Styling Kate Carnegie

Hair Anja Grassegger

Makeup Tomohiro Muramatsu