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My favorite from London


Nora09_0301 1_r2





Few reason why I liked this story:

1. I fell in love with photographer a little.

2. Stylist Fiona had amazing jumpsuits.

3. Ben’s flat (where we shot) was next to Broadway market. I bought something vintage while waiting for team to show up. Surprisingly, I got a jumpsuit.

4. We went to London Fields after shoot, where I was lucky to experience again how excited (and sober) British get on a sunny day in London.

Photos Ben Simpson, styling Fiona Fagan, MUA Victoria Martin

Glamour in Chinatown





photo 3-1

Behind the scenes

photo 4-1

Behind the scenes

photo 1-1

Behind the scenes

photo 2-1

Behind the scenes


Had a lot of fun playing this story with my bestie Kate, Christine and Allie. All shot 2 blocks from where I live and where I actually do my food shopping. Thank you neighbors for lending us your tools and stools for a picture!

Photos Christine Hahn, styling Kate Carnegie, make up Allie Smith