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Black flowers

I know it’s not very cool to post published editorials of myself. But I’ll make an exception to this one, as I love it so much. I feel that it’s very me, even though I don’t look it. Love how dreamy and sensual it is. Makes me very excited about those spring evenings in New York.

IMG_2678 IMG_2677 IMG_2685IMG_2686  IMG_2688IMG_2684 IMG_2683  IMG_2681  IMG_2679


Snapchat story #Noravai

At Amica magazine by Jason Hetherington

Styling Ye Yong Kim

Make up Devra Kinery

Hair Conrad Dornan

A day in shirts


Photos by Jacob Sadrak and Carrol Cruz

Styling Kate Carnegie

Hair Anja Grassegger

Makeup Tomohiro Muramatsu

A dream in Paris

Image Image Image Image Image It’s amazing to shoot stories, that feel very ‘me’. This one, that we shot in Paris, in particular. I loved the pastels, colored leather, candy floss wigs and how romantic, dramatic, futuristic and a bit sad it felt. Photos Ugo Richard, styling Davina Lubelski, make up Dariia Day, hair Jonathan Dadoun.