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Black flowers

I know it’s not very cool to post published editorials of myself. But I’ll make an exception to this one, as I love it so much. I feel that it’s very me, even though I don’t look it. Love how dreamy and sensual it is. Makes me very excited about those spring evenings in New York.

IMG_2678 IMG_2677 IMG_2685IMG_2686  IMG_2688IMG_2684 IMG_2683  IMG_2681  IMG_2679


Snapchat story #Noravai

At Amica magazine by Jason Hetherington

Styling Ye Yong Kim

Make up Devra Kinery

Hair Conrad Dornan

Behind those fairytale scenes for Paper magazine

A month ago, in freezing winter I get news that I’m flying to LA to shoot for Paper magazine (poor me). Was flying from New York with 2 massive suitcases full of clothes, given by the magazine. Had a pair of shoes in my hands throughout the flight, as they didn’t fit in with the rest. Shoes made it safe to LA. The team picked me up at the airport and we drove 4 hours to the shoot location. Luckily it was the most fun group of people I could possibly spend all this time with. We got there at night and had dinner at a dodgy seafood place. I ordered chicken fried stake (trying to avoid dodgy fish) for the first time. Was surprised why it doesn’t taste like chicken until the guys told me what it is. Wine helped to recover from disappointment.

We started early before the sunrise next day. I got to try all of the amazing outfits from the suitcases, which was a bit too much excitement for me so early. Got inspired to be that girl, wearing a full matching colorful outfit with an eccentric hat. We drove a little more to location, Salvation Mountain. It’s massive art installation in a dessert, created by someone having so much love to give. We were wondering what people produce out there to make everyone so happy. Surprisingly families were actually living in the desert ,in their little tents, without any needs for grocery shop with kale, not even talking about instagram. The place was so surreal I wasn’t sure if it’s really happening. To make it even better suddenly this massive great dane comes out of nowhere. He doesn’t mind to pose with me at all until we manage to push him out of the shot. I couldn’t wait to post my BTS pictures after the shoot. Very happy the story is finally out and I can share them. Big thank you to David (in the last image) for taking all of those behind the scenes for me until my phone dies.

Published story is in Paper magazine, taken by the most talented photographers duo, called Juco. Love their work! Styling by Shirley Kurata, hair and make up by David Tolls. Thank you my agency Muse for making it happen. Anytime please. xx


















Snapchat story #Noravai

A day in shirts


Photos by Jacob Sadrak and Carrol Cruz

Styling Kate Carnegie

Hair Anja Grassegger

Makeup Tomohiro Muramatsu

If I lived in 70’s

70sTest_Shot_05_041170sTest_Shot_03_0235  70sTest_Shot_04_0306  80sTest_Shot_02_014170sTest_Shot_06_0447 70sTest_Shot_01_0085

Photos Daymion Mardel.

Styling Luis Rodriguez

Make up Ronnie Peterson

Hair James Mooney

Posing me