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Coat season!







It looks like coat season is finally in. A little sad, but very exciting too, when it comes to the wardrobe. Layering, boots, socks and COATS! Last year I’ve realized that I spend so much time preparing my outfit and then barely take the jacket off. So now I’ve decided to buy more outerwear instead of anything that goes under it. Here’s few of my favorites that I actually spotted in a middle of summer, but loved so much I just had to get them. And carry them all the way back from Paris. How could I not when it was only 10 euros (the first one). The only coat that I still don’t own is a black one.

Thank you Egor Tsodov for the pictures.

If I lived in 70’s

70sTest_Shot_05_041170sTest_Shot_03_0235  70sTest_Shot_04_0306  80sTest_Shot_02_014170sTest_Shot_06_0447 70sTest_Shot_01_0085

Photos Daymion Mardel.

Styling Luis Rodriguez

Make up Ronnie Peterson

Hair James Mooney

Posing me

Home is where the pants aren’t







I love my jeans and big white shirt. But when I shoot with photographers and choose what clothes to bring, I usually choose something more trendy or different I guess. This time I invited myself to Mario Delgado’s home. I love his work, how natural and real his photos feel. So I left home the way I was. There’s nothing more comfortable than big shirt and baggy jeans. Well actually there is, big shirt and no jeans.

Thank you, Mario, for having me and making me that delicious pasta for lunch.

Photos by Mario Deldago, no make up or hair.

Into the white









Behind the scenes with car owner Jason


I was walking in East Village when I saw this car. I’m not a car person at all, but with this one, I had to take a selfie. While I take a selfie, this guy comes out of a bar and offers me to borrow the car anytime for grocery shopping. I don’t drive unfortunately. But I’m a bit of a poser, so I ask the guy to borrow it for a shoot one day. Jason, who’s the owner of both the car and the bar is super nice and lets me do that. Next time I come with my white outfits and drag Zhi Wei along. That’s how this sexy story was born.

Photos by Zhi Wei.