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Coat season!







It looks like coat season is finally in. A little sad, but very exciting too, when it comes to the wardrobe. Layering, boots, socks and COATS! Last year I’ve realized that I spend so much time preparing my outfit and then barely take the jacket off. So now I’ve decided to buy more outerwear instead of anything that goes under it. Here’s few of my favorites that I actually spotted in a middle of summer, but loved so much I just had to get them. And carry them all the way back from Paris. How could I not when it was only 10 euros (the first one). The only coat that I still don’t own is a black one.

Thank you Egor Tsodov for the pictures.

C-Town action








The most photogenic supermarket I’ve ever been to. Just had to be recorded!

Photos by Daniel

Black flowers

I know it’s not very cool to post published editorials of myself. But I’ll make an exception to this one, as I love it so much. I feel that it’s very me, even though I don’t look it. Love how dreamy and sensual it is. Makes me very excited about those spring evenings in New York.

IMG_2678 IMG_2677 IMG_2685IMG_2686  IMG_2688IMG_2684 IMG_2683  IMG_2681  IMG_2679


Snapchat story #Noravai

At Amica magazine by Jason Hetherington

Styling Ye Yong Kim

Make up Devra Kinery

Hair Conrad Dornan

Hotel lights

Checking out another sexy hotel, this time Hotel Americano. Love all the lights, shadows and dreamy colors, reminds me of the Wong Kar Wai films.

IMG_2157 IMG_2173IMG_2172IMG_2170

Photos by Katerina Irlin