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One more little story we did with friend Karim Tabar, my favorite jumpsuits and the afternoon sun. Didn’t go far location scouting again, all shot in few streets in Nolita. Lazy summer in NYC.

Photos by Karim Tabar

Bubble Maker

Nora Film-29

Nora Film-30

Nora Film-25

Nora Film-20

Nora Film-33

Nora Digitals-6

I always find something magical about bubbles. Couldn’t be more simple, but so dreamlike and surreal. All possible colors in one see-through weightless circle. So I got one bubble maker in Chinatown and brought it to the shoot as the most important accessory. Which apparently not only makes bubbles, but music too. Real party was happening in a secret little garden in East Village.

Thank you, Zhi Wei for the pictures.

My favorite from London


Nora09_0301 1_r2





Few reason why I liked this story:

1. I fell in love with photographer a little.

2. Stylist Fiona had amazing jumpsuits.

3. Ben’s flat (where we shot) was next to Broadway market. I bought something vintage while waiting for team to show up. Surprisingly, I got a jumpsuit.

4. We went to London Fields after shoot, where I was lucky to experience again how excited (and sober) British get on a sunny day in London.

Photos Ben Simpson, styling Fiona Fagan, MUA Victoria Martin

Glamour in Chinatown





photo 3-1

Behind the scenes

photo 4-1

Behind the scenes

photo 1-1

Behind the scenes

photo 2-1

Behind the scenes


Had a lot of fun playing this story with my bestie Kate, Christine and Allie. All shot 2 blocks from where I live and where I actually do my food shopping. Thank you neighbors for lending us your tools and stools for a picture!

Photos Christine Hahn, styling Kate Carnegie, make up Allie Smith