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A little something from Paris

Just got back from Paris. I keep forgetting how beautiful it is in every corner, especially in summer. Architecture, apartments, galleries, markets, restaurants… All those coffee shops with little tables outside and such well dressed Parisians (or wannabes)!
Even in a subway I found something I thought was very beautiful. I got out of the train and saw this photo, that I loved, later followed by others. I haven’t come accross something that caught my attention so much even in exhibitions recently. Thought I’ll share it here. Apparently even subway can be a nice cultural experience in Paris.

All photos by Harry Gruyaert, from the ‘Made in Belgium’ exhibition. All seen in a Train station.






Behind the scenes at Schiaparelli

IMG_8583Sneak peek into the stage


What happens before the hats

What happens before the hats


Line up








I was very happy to get the news I’m coming all the way from New York for this wonderful show in Paris. And to find out I’m wearing my favorite piece of clothing (if I had to choose one) – jumpsuit! Designer Marco Zanini inspired me to throw away my usual leather pants and white top and go for something big, bright and bold! Well maybe ‘bold’ is wrong term this time, as I loved the wonderful hats by Stephen Jones and the hair (that was left to see) by such a fun person to be around with – Eugene Souleiman.

More is more should me my new motto more. I want to go even to the airport wearing something glamorous and oh so Haute Couture! Merci for having me! xx



A dream in Paris

Image Image Image Image Image It’s amazing to shoot stories, that feel very ‘me’. This one, that we shot in Paris, in particular. I loved the pastels, colored leather, candy floss wigs and how romantic, dramatic, futuristic and a bit sad it felt. Photos Ugo Richard, styling Davina Lubelski, make up Dariia Day, hair Jonathan Dadoun.